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Post by Spitfire on Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:46 pm

So as some of you may, or may not know, your computer probably isn't running at 100% of it's possible power. Why is this you ask? Well when computer manufacturers (especially the CPU (Central Processing Unit) manufacturers) create their products they bring the hardware down a bit. Now they do this for two reasons, one so that it functions 100% properly, and more so it causes the parts to get hot. However your computer is almost guaranteed to be faster, or handle more.

However as stated earlier the issue with overclocking, well there are two main ones. If you mess it up you could really mess it up (as you have to alter the BIOS). Second of all you almost need an external cooling source, this can range from a fan, to submerging the computer in water (which if done correctly is possible), or on the very extreme end liquid nitrogen. MAKE SURE TO BE CAREFUL WHEN ATTEMPTING OVERCLOKING. Now when you are altering your computer you should either see how high people have gotten CPU's like yours up to, and eventually if you put it up too high your computer will BSOD, and you'll have to fix that.

However you can change this, and increase your hardware's productivity. Just Google search on how to overclock if you want to know.

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